You Can’t Beat Me in Basketball.

I feel like playing basketball.  We used to play at least three times a week, me and my friends, and now the only one who still plays is Ayo.  I have friends now, but at a distance. I love them. I miss them. I know I still have b-ball skills, but I will need a week or two to get back rolling.  I am the best basketball playing comedian today.  I dare someone to challenge that.  My look is really deceiving, like if you found out Flavor Flav was good at decorating homes.  Life is so time consuming that you end up putting things to the side, while making room for your new list of priorities.  Chances are I’m not gonna make the league, but i guess it’s worth it because my payoff is funny. I’ll just play in a movie about basketball.  I would call it Hate and Basketball, about me and my lady. I’ll have to get some footage to back up my basketball skills or you better ask somebody.