You think you’re having a bad day?

Someone’s dog just fell out of a moving car on a road trip through Missouri, and they still have 2 days of driving. Someone just lost their cell phone, and they’re on the way out of the country and won’t be able to enjoy Italy for the two weeks. Someone just got a long sentence in prison because they were at the party where it happened even though they were not involved. Someone just got separated from a loved one for weighing too much, and now they’ll never be able to retrieve anything from upstairs. Someone just got their leg amputated b/c they ate too many brownies in 94. Someone just pooped on themself on the way to work and they don’t have anymore sick days and if they’re late for ANY reason, they’ll be suspended without pay. There is no point to this. I just know that I’m having a bad day, but none of this is happening to me right now. I’ll be fine.